Why You Need an Investor Deck: A Primer on Pitch Presentations

The Deck You Need to Show Your Investors

Investor decks are an important part of any startup’s pitch presentation. A strong investor deck can help you get the funding that you need, but building one is not easy. It takes a lot of time and effort to put together a quality deck.

Pitch decks are necessary for startups to get funding. They’re also helpful in pitching investors and securing business deals. The deck can be a useful sales tool, especially if you use it frequently when meeting with potential clients or customers. Investors will look at your pitch deck before they consider investing in your startup so make sure that the presentation is well-designed and informative. It should give them an idea of what your company does, how it operates, its strengths and weaknesses as well as future growth prospects.

Investor Deck

Investor presentations usually follow this three-step process: problem statement; solution description; market analysis/company overview including revenue model summaries along with predictions on profitability over the next five years (five year P&L). Most investor presentations include charts, graphs, statistics and other visual aids that help to illustrate the information you are presenting.

To create a great pitch deck, you need to know the information that investors want. They will be looking for signs of financial stability and evidence that your startup is mature enough to launch a new product or service. Investors also look at metrics such as market size, target audience, pricing plans and growth potential when considering whether they should fund your business venture.

Good design is important for any sales pitch. You need to make sure that the investor deck includes top quality images, graphics and other visuals like infographics or charts. The presentation should be legible and easy-to-read so you want it to look professional as well as attractive.