What is Conveyancing?

How Can It Affect Your Move?

One of the most important aspects of moving is conveyancing. The moving sorted will explain what it is, how it affects your move, and why you should get professional help with this process.

Conveyancing can be defined as the act of transferring ownership on a property from one person to another by means of an instrument called a deed or transfer deed. It’s usually done when there are two people who want to share ownership in a house or other piece of real estate – for example, if they’re buying together but aren’t married. The word also refers to the document filed at land registries that proves you have legal title over your home or property.

Moving Sorted

When someone buys their own place after living in shared accommodation for a while, it’s likely that the person has already shared their tenancy with someone else. The same goes for those who have come to live in this country as immigrants and need a place of their own: they probably aren’t going to want to buy the property on their own but share ownership between several people.

Conveyancing is important because it establishes exactly what percentage each owner holds in the property – so if you’re buying together, there’ll be no argument later about whose money was used for which parts of your new home! You also wouldn’t want one party deciding all by themselves how the rooms are decorated or where things go (and then charging everyone else), would you? A conveyance ensures that all owners will contribute equally towards purchases and renovations, and that each owner has a say in how their money is being spent.

Conveyancing can have an effect on your moving date because it means you need to wait until the deed or transfer of ownership comes through. Most conveyancers will allow up to three days for this process, so if everything else seems ready but there’s no sign of the signed paperwork coming from your solicitor yet, then maybe try asking them when they think it’ll be done! The longer you leave things after signing contracts before starting work again with contractors etc., the more likely you are to face delays which could push back your move-in date.