A Brief History Of Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson: A Passion for Freedom

If you are looking for best motorcycle lift for Harley Davidson, you will probably be interested to learn a bit about Harley Davidson’s history.

Harley Davidson was founded in the year 1903 by two childhood friends, William Harley and Arthur Davidson. They were a couple of bike enthusiasts who started out fixing bikes for their peers before deciding to build them themselves. This company has been around for over 110 years now, which is a testament to how well they have done since the beginning.

This company soon became a staple in the motorcycle industry and it was not long before they released their first complete bike, which came out in 1904. This vehicle soon became known as a “Silent Gray Fellow” because of its raw power and speed. In those days, motorcycles were seen as dangerous machines that only daredevils enjoyed riding on. However, this all changed when Harley Davidson began to embrace racing as a way to promote themselves and showcase the capabilities of these bikes.

In 1905 there was already talk amongst riders about how great it would be if they could take their bikes onto trails instead of just roads or tracks – well this dream finally came true at the Pikes Peak race two years later! It is also important to note that during World War I Harley Davidson actually supplied the US military with motorcycles.

It was during the roaring 20s that Harley Davidson began to gain momentum and become known as something more than just a dangerous machine for daredevils. People started seeing these bikes as means of transportation, especially after they released their “Model D” bike in 1928 which proved itself to be very practical riding on all types of terrain. It is at this point where people could no longer refer to them as motorized bicycles – it would not be until later when motorcycle enthusiasts realized how much power was contained within those two wheels!

The 30s were also important because it was then that Harley Davidson introduced its first V-Twin engine, which has now become synonymous with brand name. This new technology gave the company a huge boost and they soon found themselves dominating the market with their bikes. In fact, it was not long before Harley Davidson became known as “The King of Motorcycles” due to this incredible popularity that had been achieved in such a short period of time!

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In 1941 military production once again halted so that this factory could produce machines for those who were fighting overseas. The lack of supply meant riders had to wait until after World War II ended before being able to pick up where they left off – but when 1946 finally rolled around all these years later, Harley Davidson broke records by selling over 21,000 motorcycles within just one year!

It is important to note at this point how now there are several different types of motorcycles out on the market to choose from. This is because in the 50s Harley Davidson began producing smaller bikes so that they could reach a wider audience, especially younger riders who were not looking for something as big or powerful as their usual line of motorcycles!

The 60s are important because it was during this decade when things started getting complicated for Harley Davidson. Their production numbers had been declining since 1959 – but there was hope on the horizon thanks to American Machine and Foundry (AMF) buying into this company with an investment worth $80 million USD! Of course, having new owners meant changes would need to be made if these companies wanted to remain competitive in today’s market…and AMF did just that by releasing lighter weight models which appealed more towards casual bikers.

It was not until 1981 that Harley Davidson finally decided to get rid of AMF and become its own company again – but this time they had different goals in mind than just making motorcycles that appealed towards casual riders! As a result, the 80s saw many changes taking place within the company which included them diversifying their product line so as to attract more people who were interested in purchasing bikes for other purposes – such as off-road racing or recreational riding.

This decade also brought about another important development: it is when Harleyson began exporting its products into foreign markets around the world. It was at this point where these machines would no longer be known only by American bike enthusiasts because now people from all kinds of backgrounds could appreciate what these bikes had to offer!

In early 90s Harley Davidson had a very big problem on its hands: they were being sued by the US Justice Department. It was at this point where there were so many people who would buy their bikes and then illegally alter them in order to make it louder! This meant that these motorcycles could be heard from longer distances, which posed all kinds of new problems for those living near or around bike highways – not mention how it also became an issue with safety because now more drivers on the road might have been distracted due to noise pollution created by these loud machines!

In 2001 Harley-Davidson got rid of some fat when company execs determined that too much money was going towards formalities such as board meetings and office lunches – instead, employees started getting together during lunch hours and playing sports such as dodge ball!

In 2003 Harley Davidson decided to change things up a bit by introducing new models which were aimed towards younger riders, especially those who wanted something smaller than what the company had been producing over the past decade. Also, these bikes came with new features such as being fuel-injected which made it much easier to start them up.

Today, Harley Davidson is as popular as ever. These motorcycles have become known as machines that are so powerful and yet so practical which makes them perfect for those who just want a machine they can rely on no matter what the situation may be – whether it’s recreationally or even if you’re going for a long ride down the highway with friends by your side!